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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Letting go

Its still dark as I write this. I have a yearning to write this morning but not sure what. There is not a lot to share as my mind is yet not connected to the day a head. No coffee yet. Did feed the outside cat. As I go through my Labels to put in this blog one does stand out. "Letting go" I say that because of all the pushing I've put myself in the last few days. I also noticed my depression is popping up. Its slight which what makes it so hard to see. Its there. I see the signs now coming. I get anxious about little things. I tend to stare into space as my mind wanders from any task ahead and yes I do TOO much. And its OK. I know that this to shall pass. Treating myself today to quiet today. Just letting it go a bit that I need to do everything at this moment. Call a few friends to see how there doing,read a book..... at least some of it. Chill out.

I am working on the van. I removed the middle seats and now I may remove the back seat. At one point I was going to keep it. Now its impracticable. It doesn't work. I hear its uncomfortable and well its also the matter of storage. A regular bed gives me a lot more storage and ROOM. Yes more room,I think another 2 feet going around?  Yes!  I love what they did with the crates on the picture here. Of course I would put it so I can put things in it. Whats the purpose of using crates if you can't use it for storage?

Next week I'll load some pictures of what's coming along with it.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm unsure how to comment about noticing depression, I don't know if I know how to. I hope it improves and I look forward to pictures of the van.


  2. When you get it often you start to see the signs. My depression is VERY mild. Thank god. Ive had it I think all my life. Why? Good question. Pictures are sure to come.

  3. My van is very much like the van you bought. Are you sure the seat doesnt work? I thought the same thing and realized it was so easy to pull the front part of the seat UP and then it simply lays down and it was quite comfy for the camping trips I made...I dont think I could LIVE in my van cause it has no cooking or bathing but at a Campground with a camp set up for cooking outside was Perfect! AND as time goes on I plan to purchase a small camp trailer to pull behind and then Ill have all the comforts of home!

    1. Mine is electric and it comes with 3 seat sections. Nah it won't move!!! I plan to join a gym. Now its an expense but I was planning to join one anyway....showers. I have a stove,Coleman oven and a small frig. I also plan to cook outdoors in the park near me. No charge. Trailer sounds great! Good luck with that. :)


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