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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Van update

Finally got all the paperwork done. Who knew it was a pain and didn't inform me?  Today it was inspected and yes it passed!
Yesterday I rented the Rug Doctor from Waldbaum's.  What a delight that was!  Of course they way things were going in the pass few days I would get a very bitchy manager. Clearly she didn't have her coffee yet or something. She informed me I needed a CC for the 2nd Id and so I went home to get it...so it was a surprise when the lady at the customer service desk did not even look at it. HUH? Any way long story short I manage to use it 3 times before the temps dove down into the 20s and felt like 10 below. Large snowflakes pelted over N.Y. last night. We didn't get a lot but it froze.

These are before and after pictures of the same spot when I cleaned the rug first. Yes same spot!! I am not thrilled about the color but it was better then the brown that covered it before. I am getting a rug to cover the whole floor of the van...an out door rug.
Keeping this short. I am a little sore and tired and would like to rest a bit before tomorrow. Which is back to work!!!


  1. Congratulations, Michelle! I'm guessing you will want to tear that carpet out, sooner rather than later!

    1. Wish I could. Don't really have the time or energy to do that. Its going to be covered though!!!

  2. I just saw that you got your van on the previous post -- yay & congrats!!! I use my green machine with the rug doctor shampoo. Sometimes I have to shampoo 3x's to get dirt & such out. My van was a mess when I got it back from someone! but it did the trick & got all the dirt & such out. I used to have a large piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting in that van that I bought at Home Depot & cut it to size myself. That really protected it. In my RV, I have rubber backed rugs everywhere. The aisle, the front entry door, the kitchen & a small bathroom rug in the bathroom. Under all that, the carpet looks really good. Plus the rugs are washable. Downside though is, they are thin, so they "walk" around a lot, which drives me crazy!
    I'm thrilled over your van. Am looking forward to more updates on it!

    1. Actually what I am going to do. Home depot. Maybe a runner too?

  3. Cleaning it out and making it your own is hard work but sooo much fun and worth it in the end. I can't wait until you post pictures of the completed new to you home on wheels!




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