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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back into action

Sometimes being patience has its pluses. Sometimes its a wonderful thing when other people are more patience than yourself.

I wrote this yesterday just didn't post it till now

Turns out as of my last post that the van is fine. I was hearing pulsing when idling,it was a low rumble but never the less it made me nervous. Spoke to friends ,co workers and at last a mechanic. Lets go back a moment. Yesterday one co worker was telling me about this wonderful stuff called Techron Concentrate Plus from Chevron.  I put it in last night at the rail road, Because of the pulsing I decided not to ride it to work. That would be something if it died along the way. Think of towing!!! Think of the money towing it!! Filled it up with more gas as per say on the bottle. It did feel a little smoother but still it pulsed. This morning I took it to the local gas station and talked to the mechanic and he said the same thing, add some fuel additive because it doesn't sound serious. He said ride it for a couple days to get it real lubed in there. Would you know when I went home from there the pulsing stopped! Ya HOO!!!

This was today's writing. 

Then of course last night it rained. I went out to get something from the van and there I saw the back seat wet. Ugh, When does it stop!
A leak. Not sure if it was because I didn't shut the door right or what. It did snow...snow was on top of van. It did melt and I had no leak. So I am hoping its because I didn't close the door all the way. I tend to do that. I left the front door open the other day and guess what happened...yes it rained and water got on the front seat. I need to remember these things. Last week I left the oil cap off when I added a quart. Nothing happened cause I think the oil goes way down in the van. It was still filled up good.

I wanted to do more but I was very tired this two days off. This is my 1st 2 days off when I was working 6/7 days. So I should have more energy next week. Hope!!!

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  1. Hi, I'm catching up on your blog. I've fallen behind on many blogs, but wanted to see how you are coming along with the van. I have allstate roadside service. It's inexpensive, you can even make monthly payments. It has paid for itself dearly! I've had my van towed 3 times already & they could even tow my motorhome if I can't get hold of the RV insurance company. Check into it, it's valuable for towing & such!


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