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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Van hunting!

Sometime next week I have an appointment to check out my first van. Its a Chevy Mark 111 conversion. Although I said I wanted white its becoming clear there is not that many for sale here in my price range. So this one is blue. If I like the van and I get it I can always paint the top white. 
I emailed him and he is bringing it from his fathers house. Which is great as I work in the next town that he lives in. My manager already gave me and a co worker permission to check it out.Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck on the van hunt? Just curious, why do you only want white?

    1. This comment was in the Spam. Sorry . I wanted white because its cooler in the summer. But then wouldnt that make it colder in the winter ? LOL

  2. Hopefully it is all you're looking for! You do know however you can probably find a small Class C for the same money, just food for thought, MPG will be similar as well. ;)

    Good luck!


  3. The only problem is stealth. I am job camping for awhile. I have no where to unload the water tanks or toilet stuff. I am in Long Island NY not actually a RV kind of place. I would love to find a class C though when I am ready!!!! Thanks

  4. Michelle, then just don't use the water tanks and toilet stuff in a class C until you are not job camping. Then you won't be buying , selling, buying, with the posibility of loosing money on the deal. Just a thought!

  5. That for 2 years. LOL Getting a RV means NO stealth for me. Wouldn't work. Thanks anyway.


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