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Monday, March 5, 2012

Old habits die hard

Here in my 1st week of trying to turn a whole 52 years of eating wheat and dairy is harder than I though. I went shopping this morning. I know its a bore. But now I have to buy wheat free (gluten) items. It may not come as shock to people all ready buying these items but I almost had a heart attack when I paid 6.00 bucks for a half loaf of bread. Do your monies grow on trees ,mine don't. My money is weeds and it never stays in my wallet for long. If you know a cheaper way PLEASE let me know. Now to the old habits issue. I went out for breakfast today. Usually I have rye toast and 2 eggs and cheese but now that I know I can't have dairy or wheat I know thats out the door. I forgot. I didn't have the toast but I forgot about the cheese!!!! Oh OH ...LOL. So I got a little heartburn ...not much. It was fleeting too. I know that eggs and dairy are on my low list. If I had the bread it would've have been another story and I would be trying the put that big fire out by now. I have to say taking a walk early in the morning is quite refreshing. Less people air seems cleaner and I can talk to myself as I go . Yeah I do. Have a nice day everyone...be well.


  1. Switching over to and trying out all the different kinds of rice helps in the bread area. I know it's not the same but you do get used it pretty fast. As for eggs, outside of egg beaters ... tofu is your friend.

    None of this is from personal experience. I had a roommate with celiac disease, and my sister is nursing a baby who is allergic to eggs.

    As for cheese. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Two out of three ain't bad, right?

  2. Hi, Michelle

    I have empathy for you. Lately I have been battling heartburn. I find mine is caused by the new meds I am taking, so I varied my routine to only take them after I had some food in my system, and it really helps.

    We are all creatures of habit, and change takes conscious effort.

    Keep at it, and you will be better for it.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  3. Thanks for all your replies. Rice sounds like it will be my friend for now Steve. There are plenty of dishes I can whip up with rice. I think I can eat vegetarian cheese?

    Thanks Gypseh!!!

    Sorry to here about your woes Bob. Is this medicine just temporary or more long term?


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