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Friday, December 9, 2011

New van?

Not really new, only from 1993. New to me though. This wouldnt be the actually one. The one Im interested in is green. Its old I know but remember Im using this van for near my job living. Not traveling....yet. Things still need to be sorted out. They kept up with maintenance. Just got inspected. New battery and tires. Tranny was replaced a couple of years ago.  This van has a glitches but they can be worked on. Just minors rust and all. Have a friend who is gong to patch holes and help with the rust. I will be removing the rug and all the chairs and the bench. It has a cute little TV but I need to get a new antenna.  It needs lot cleaning inside but that part is fun...to take a beat up inside and make it livable. I can't wait to to polish the wood inside. 1000 bucks but Im friendly with the owners ex wife. So we will see if maybe we knock off 200 bucks.

Hey off the subject but is anyone else having log on problems with cheaprvliving? I can't get on the forum. Thanks


  1. I just got home from work and found I can't get on, I tried several ways.
    This is exciting, closer to getting your van. Is it a done deal yet?

  2. I can get it next month if its still there. there has been NO buyers yet. If it still there YES!!!

  3. Oh Tippy! That looks like a find, to me, if the rust is manageable. Will they take a deposit and hold it for you?

    Finally! The forum is back up!

  4. Yeah they will hold it for me. Also Im getting it for 800 bucks. Not bad.

  5. Good luck with the new purchase. :)


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