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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting over the nerves

Am I scared about van dwelling? It really wouldn't be healthy if I wasn't. I'm being prepared and that helps a lot. I have wonderful friends who will help me set the van up and the forum I attend every day is helping beyond belief. Im excited about this too of course and can't wait till the day I ship(?) out.
BTW I need to do this to save money. I don't believe at this time I will be receiving any SS benefits when I retire so I need to really be saving. I have a while before I do so there may be time.  That's a big if cause who's to say SS will be available.
Found this wonderful knocker thingie. My biggest concern was a cop coming to the van at night and knocking. Not knowing I am deaf ...well that could be a problem
Could be an answer.

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